BusinessM8 provides 'business support services'.  

Aimed at businesses of all sizes, most of our working relationships are with the micro-business end of the size spectrum although we haven't dumbed down the offerings that we have sourced - they are exactly the same as those that we have provided over the years to major PLCs, other businesses and organisations.

Our services are sourced from market leading suppliers and, based upon many years of experience, we are able to provide cost effective services and excellent value for money.

Being in business is easy enough in its own right (had an idea, identifed a market - easy!), but there is a time consuming element of really getting your back office services (website hosting, website design, effective telephone services, emails that reflect your professional business appropriately) to function as you would like them to, to enable you to deliver your idea to your market, effectivley and efficiently, and have clients who are happy to pay you and buy again.

Being a SME or Micro Business in the current marketplace can be a daunting prospect. Many peoples first steps in business come from having a 'brilliant idea' but often we come from organisations that have preexisting structures. The challenge to a new Micro business is having to do it all!

Whilst BusinessM8 doesn't offer every possible service we have sourced some great deals and offers that take a lot of the pain out of 'doing it yourself' in a professional business sense.

We are continuously looking for other services to offer, and are working hard to bring them to our website so, if we don't show what you are looking for, please do get in touch